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It's Not about Websites… it's about Web Presence

Last updated 3 years ago

Time was that you could put all your eggs in one basket called your website. I still believe that your website is the most important of all your web assets, but it is now just one of your web assets. I personally think of our company website as “Home Base” or our “Internet Headquarters”.

You used to have one website, now you have many websites.

Those sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Places, Local Directories, etc. And it’s not just about being where your customers are (although that’s huge), it has become even more fundamental than that. Search engines such as Google and Bing are now looking at your overall web presence to determine how relevant you are, and where they are going to place you on the search results.

Google is no longer just competing with Yahoo and Bing; they are competing with Twitter and Facebook. Because of the trend towards real-time information, they are now factoring in the overall preponderance of your web presence.

More Content in More Places = More Customers

Search Discovery
So where do you start? Well you need a system or “platform” like or WSI ReachCast (This platform you are on right now) that allows you to cast a steady stream of fresh content that is search engine friendly, and engaging to consumers. Engaging to the point where they might “Like” it on Facebook and re-tweet it on Twitter so their friends discover it online as well.

In fact if you were to go to our Facebook Page or our Twitter page, you would see that this very article you are reading right now has been simultaneously cast there at the exact same time it appeared there. Even all the videos on this Cast Page are syndicating from our YouTube channel.

Social Media Marketing
This is where it gets tricky… what should you cast? Coming up with “share-worthy” content takes some creativity, along with a calculated strategy. If it is funny, interesting, informative or shocking, it stands a better chance of starting the conversation. Starting the conversation, and keeping it going is what gets the attention of your followers, and the search engines. Helpful tips, coupons and offers, entertaining videos and interesting graphics all encourage your followers to react to your content and to share it with others so it takes on a life of its own.

Is it too much work?

 Yes, the sad truth is that producing good content is a lot of work… worth it, but very time consuming and requiring more than just subject matter expertise. Companies with a lot of resources can hire their own Director of Social Media, but few companies, even with the resources have the capacity to hire an in-house person or team wisely.

Having a good platform can definitely economize your work load, but it still doesn’t account for the necessary expertise, creativity and time factor. As a professional digital marketing firm here in Orange County CA, we solve that issue by providing the services of our WPPs (Web Presence Professionals) to our clients. We manage our clients complete web presence, including content creation, reputation management, and web asset management. In essence, we become your Social Media team. Take a look at our web presence optimization program to learn more.


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